Quality, Affordable Childcare within the Community


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Useful links

Government websites

http://www.dohc.ie/ - Department of health and children
http://www.dcya.gov.ie - Office of the minister for health and children
http://www.immunisation.ie/en/- Immunisation HSE
http://www.oco.ie/- Office for the Children’s Ombudsman
http://www.childrensrights.ie/- Children’s Rights Alliance
http://www.healthpromotion.ie/ - Health Promotion Unit

County Childcare Committee’s


Health Organisations

http://www.asthmasociety.ie/ - Asthma Society
http://www.meningitis.org/ - Meningitis Society
http://www.coeliac.ie/ - Coeliac Society
http://www.who.int/en/ - World Heath Organisation
http://www.mygp.ie/ - GP Advice
http://www.cancer.ie/ - Irish Cancer society
http://www.diabetesireland.ie/ - Diabetes Federation of Ireland
http://www.sjog.ie/St John of God Mental Health Services

Nutrition websites

http://www.safefoodonline.com/ - Safe Food
http://www.nutrition.ie/ - Nutrition website of our Consultant Nutritionist, Emma Brown
http://www.bim.ie/ - Bord Iascaigh Mhara
http://www.fooddudes.ie/ - Healthy Food of Ireland board
http://www.bordbia.ie/ - Irish Food Board

Family Services

http://www.ifpa.ie/ - Family Planning
http://www.positiveoptions.ie/ - Crisis Pregnancy
http://www.rollercoaster.ie/ - Parenting
http://www.childcare.ie/ - Childcare listings
http://www.gingerbread.ie/ - Single Parents
http://www.solo.ie/ - Single Parents
http://www.treoir.ie/ - Unmarried and their children
http://www.thinkcontraception.ie/ - Methods of contraception